Direct School Admission (DSA) 2016

If your child is thinking of using DSA to get into his/her dream school in 2017, it is time to start thinking about it seriously and to make the necessary preparations.

Actions that need to be taken:

1. Go through the list of schools on the MOE website that are participating in the 2016 DSA Exercise
   The link below is for the list of participating schools for the 2015 DSA Exercise:

  The link will be updated once it is made available by MOE.

2. Narrow down your choices to about 4 to 5 and check for their dates of their open house in their 
    websites. (Primary 5 students should start their visits to school open houses, as some of the schools 
    have their open houses set on the same day. It may be difficult to attend both on the same day.) 
    Make a visit to the school during open house to find out more about the school culture, programme 
    and expectations.
    Find opportunities to speak with the teachers and students in the school.

3. Decide on how many schools you want to try DSA to. Some would like to cast their net wide and   
    some only aim for their dream school. Consider the time that you may need for going for the 
    different trials, tests and interviews on top of your PSLE preparations. It could be quite challenging  
    or stressful to some.

4. Prepare accordingly to the domain requirement. Take note of all the important dates and documents 
    required for submission. (It is time to organise your certificates and photocopy your report slips if you have not done so.)

5. Book your GAT/CRT test early. Do not cramp everything in the last week. 
    You only need to sit for one GAT even if you are applying multiple schools that require the GAT. 
    Just submit your choice of schools online and they will forward the results to the different schools. 
    The link below gives you more information about the GAT/CRT.

6. After submission of your application comes the waiting time.
    - Waiting time for sports and aesthetics trail/audition
    - Waiting time for your GAT/CRT slots
    - Waiting time to be confirm the interview or test dates
    - Waiting time for the letter of confirmation or rejection

Best of luck to all who are going for DSA.


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